Resist Salt and Metanilic Acid are widely accepted by our customers from various industries.

Meta Nitro Benzene Sodium Sulphonate

Sodium Meta Nitro Benzene Sulphonate, Meta Nitro Benzene Sulphonic Acid, Sodium Salt, Resist Salt

It is a principal dye intermediate for the synthesis of Amino Anthraquinone, which is a dye intermediate.

Mainly used as a resistant and relative purity protective agent of dyes intermediate and vulcanisation dye; and widely used in the shipping industry, perfume industry, electroplate industry, analytical chemistry, etc.

White crystal, powder or granules, soluble in water and alcohol.

Metanilic Acid 

Intermediate for :

1. Meta Amino Phenol (Pharmaceutical Intermediates)

2. Diethyl-Meta Amino Phenol (Intermediate for basic Rhodamine 500%)

3. Optical Brighteners

4. Fluorescent White Agents.

5. Direct, Acid, Reactive and Vat Dyes.