We have been involved in developing the market for expandable thermoplastic microspheres since 1988. These unique polymer microspheres have various applications in different industries.

Our product range includes both unexpanded and expanded microspheres.

About Thermoplastic Microspheres

Expandable thermoplastic microspheres are microscopic spheres comprising a thermoplastic shell encapsulating a low boiling point liquid hydrocarbon. When heated to a temperature high enough to soften the thermoplastic shell, the increasing pressure of the hydrocarbon will cause the microspheres to expand. When the heat is removed microspheres remain in their new expanded form with gas entrapped in a closed and elastic cell structure. The volume can increase by 40 to 80 times depending upon the grades.

Thermoplastic microspheres can be used in numerous applications to achieve different properties.


Thermoplastic microspheres can be used in many different processes.

Some examples are Coating, Spraying, Impregnation, Moulding, Extrusion, Injection Moulding, and many more.

Unexpanded microspheres are used as blowing agents in many applications such as printing inks, thermoplastics, paper & boards, nonwoven and many more.

Expanded microspheres are used as lightweight fillers in various applications such as cultured marble, body fillers, polyurethanes, paint, thermosetting materials, cable jelly and many more.

Unique benefits of Thermoplastic Microspheres

Characteristics that make expandable microspheres unique are: